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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am giving away all 7Wonderlicious products in return for your support

Every day I receive 5 to 10 requests to provide parents with recommendations of great products for girls. Parents are constantly on the lookout for:
  • gender neutral apparel, 
  • books and movies with great female role models, 
  • dolls with a healthy body proportions and age appropriate clothing, 
  • games and toys that promote critical thinking and develop the passion for science, math, engineering and technology,
  • or any other item that counters the toxic stereotypes that surround our girls every single day.
At the end of this month I will leave my career as an executive in an IT consulting firm to work on a project that I believe can change the industry's standards in regards products aimed at girls. A project that will connect parents and educators with like-minded businesses that care deeply about the future of our girls.

This project is huge and I will not be able to move forward without your support. In return I am literally giving away all 7Wonderlicious products, including products that have been sold out for months and products that have not yet been released. I am putting it all on the line because I believe this project can have a massive positive impact to girls all over the world. 

Today I start a crowdfunding campaign, will you please take part in investing in the future of all girls.

If my work over the past year has been of value to you and your girl, please help me create A Chain of Girl Goodness and in return I will share some awesome 7Wonderlicious goodness for the girl in your life. 

Girl Power!

PS. over the next 60 days I will also be sharing with you some great surprises from our very generous partners in crime. Happy Dance!

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